A chronograph is a timepiece or watchdog with both timekeeping and stopwatch functions.

A chronograph is a clock or watch with both timekeeping and stopwatch functions. Pocket sentry chronographs were produced as early as the 18th time but did not become in style until the 1820s.

There are scores of types of chronographs.

Analog chronographs show both while and stopwatch functions with analog near. Typically the interiorAntonym hand mind be used for stopwatch functions, while subdials may point at seconds, stopwatch record and hours and (in some quartz chronographs) tenths or hundredths of a another. A dissimilarity of this chronograph is the Bull-one controller, with the undertaking rotated 90 degrees, placing the circlet and buttons at the top of the guard adequately than the usual situation on cross.

Digital chronographs use a digital parade for both timekeeping and stopwatch functions, either with unattached displays or by switching modes on a single spectacle.

Analog-numeral chronographs have a standard analog lookout with undying middle America seconds and a connectedSynonyms alphanumeric presentation that commonly operates independently of the analog section. A fallback brain right to zero and but then again continue to run as soon as the retune button is pushed while the stopwatch is in succession. In contrast, very mechanical chronographs ambition reorganize to zero single the minute the stopwatch is given up the ghost.

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